Thirteen-year-old Tom Knight, the only child of two loving parents, is dealing with typical teenage challenges such as a bully who lives across the street and balancing video game time with school time when his parents suddenly vanish from his home. Following instructions left by a shape shifting blob of Jell-O on the kitchen counter, Tom enters a nondescript doorway on the side of an antique store that miraculously transports him 26.2 light years away to the planet Chosroes.

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The Garden

As Isobel Watson searches for answers to why her husband, Robert, took his own life, she finds his journal detailing a descent into madness brought on by a recurring dream. In this dream, Robert sees himself tossing the final shovelful of dirt over the body of a small child, but something about the dream feels too real.

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The Raid

Young Billy Bates is worried about how to put food on the table with his father a prisoner aboard a British warship in the port of Sag Harbor. While hunting, Billy encounters a Continental Army raiding party and soon finds himself in the middle of the war for America's independence. Hand written on yellow legal pads in 1980 by long-time Sag Harbor resident Bill Bates prior to his death in 1981, The Raid was edited and finished by his son in 2018.

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Short Stories (aka FREE STUFF)

A falling child, headless spacefarers, deals with the devil, and bad decisions highlight a slate of short tales for those whose attention spans are . . . hey, that's shiny.